Just The Sea, The Sand, & A Few Songs

Though each Outer Banks local is a true island dweller — connected to the North Carolina mainland by a few fleeting bridges — we aren’t necessarily “stranded.” Sure, we all have to travel [...]

Portable Beach Picnics

When it’s time to pack the cooler for the beach, that ham and cheese sandwich can get pretty boring...pretty quickly. But picnics – whether on the beach or anywhere else you happen to find [...]

Chili Lime Mahi Wraps

Acknowledging great local seafood means that simplicity is key, and with this recipe, you let the Mahi Mahi be the star, complemented with textures and enhancing fresh flavors. This is my version [...]

Rosé Spritzer

Gently muddle the strawberries, lemon wheels, and mint in a pitcher so the juices and flavors are released. Add the simple syrup and rosé wine. Pour over cups filled with ice, and top with a [...]

Lessons in Lifeguarding

We see them up on the lifeguard stands, making water advisories and responding to emergencies. Occasionally we even talk to them to inquire about ocean conditions. But most of us don’t know what [...]

Unplug: Disconnect to Reconnect

Several years ago, I harbored some pretty dark fantasies regarding my young son’s cell phone. His text messaging was out of control. I considered placing his phone in the path of a stampeding [...]

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