Don’t be THAT GUY!

There are many “Don’t be that Guy” moments that everyone should be mindful of while vacationing on the Outer Banks. Here are a few: 

Dare Cares: Foster Care Bags

Dare Cares is a charity created by Fenton Rainey which according to its mission statement, “provides underprivileged and foster children with needed personal items”.

OBX Shredfest: Shredding Stereotypes

When Brickhouse starts talking about Shred Fest, she shreds the stereotype of brash radio personality – mostly. Don’t get her started on the name. “We shred guitars, we shred skateboards, we [...]

Fostering With OBX SPCA

For those that call the Outer Banks home, the holiday season is not only a time for celebration but a time for reflection and giving back to the community. And at the Outer Banks SPCA on Roanoke [...]

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