Ghost Trees

Invading seawater advances and overtakes the freshwater that deciduous trees rely upon for sustenance. The salty water slowly poisons living trees, leaving dead and dying timber haunted ghost forest.

Jug Handle Ecology

OBX Jug Handle Ecology. Minimizing the environmental impact of the Rodanthe Jug Handle Bridge was a team effort from the start.

The Iridescent Sea

When the moon is right on an Outer Banks night, blue, opalescent waves nip at the shore, you can sometimes behold a magic show of nature.

Corolla Wild Horse Fund Farm

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund provides care for the viable, wild, dynamic herd. They also provide care for the individual animals as they grow ill and can’t survive the herd life, or become too old [...]

Recycled Christmas Trees

Outer Banks Christmas trees have one sole purpose, and that is to decorate homes for the holidays. Right? Wrong. At least not here on the Outer Banks.

Hiking The Outer Banks

FEATURE: The barrier islands aren’t just for beachgoers. There are beautiful Outer Banks hiking trails, walking paths, and ‘secret’ spots to explore.

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