The Essence of a Heart

Thunder fills the hearts of his family with his unique spirit. Tom found a loving shadow in Thunder as he goes about his daily endeavors.

Jug Handle Ecology

OBX Jug Handle Ecology. Minimizing the environmental impact of the Rodanthe Jug Handle Bridge was a team effort from the start.

Helping Pets Adjust

With life somewhat returning to normal, we are back at work and away from home. This means we need to help our pets adjust to the isolation.

OBX Lizard Land

Paul and his wife Andi opened the doors of OBX Lizard Land in July of 2017 with over 40 animals from 20 different species on display.

Bridger the Cat

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is home to many, even including some famous celebrities. But did you know that one of our most notorious is actually a cat? Well believe it!

Outer Banks Dogs

For a lot of us our dogs are as much a part of our family as our kids or our Aunt Mildred. So, of course when we take our family vacation, we want to bring them along too! And why not? They also [...]

Fostering With OBX SPCA

For those that call the Outer Banks home, the holiday season is not only a time for celebration but a time for reflection and giving back to the community. And at the Outer Banks SPCA on Roanoke [...]

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