Liquid Smash-Ups

Here are a couple liquid smash-ups that you likely won’t find on any bar on the Outer Banks, or any other place for that matter.


April 12th is National Grilled Cheese Day. Oh man, is it on. You can’t argue with cheese. But grilled cheese specialties? Dude. Plus, there’s almost no way to screw these up. So mark your [...]

Get Cozy with Hot Drinks

When the winter Outer Banks breeze picks up, it’s perfect to warm up with a local craft cocktail. Here's some of OBX's top hot drink recipes

Local Burger Recipes

That's right. It's fall. And it's the perfect time to fire up the grill. Here, when we're talking about Outer Banks burgers, there is no shortage of inspiration. Now, if it's local burger recipes [...]

Seafood Tacos Recipes

Summer means fresh local seafood, and on the Outer Banks we certainly have a plethora of it. Here are seafood taco recipes from 3 of our local restaurants which will tickle your taste buds. Now [...]

Outer Banks Seafood Recipes

When you think food of the Outer Banks you think seafood. And why not? The Atlantic Ocean is literally our front door. We bring you some delicious seafood recipes you can try at home. All [...]

Cookin’ with Fire

There are plenty of ways to enjoy this time of year and a crackling fire is definitely one of them. Add to that a warm treat or even a whole meal cooked over the flames, and it makes for the [...]