Beach Safety

Please take time and read through the following important beach safety guidelines. Some you may likely be unaware of.

Hook, Line, & Science

Before falling for any more fish stories, North Carolina anglers are instead being encouraged to fall hook, line and sinker for some authoritative research on the sport they love in the state [...]

Lessons in Lifeguarding

We see them up on the lifeguard stands, making water advisories and responding to emergencies. Occasionally we even talk to them to inquire about ocean conditions. But most of us don’t know what [...]

Lifesaving Traditions of the Outer Banks

Saving lives at sea has been a tradition on the Outer Banks since the first European settlers arrived here more than 400 years ago. Today, the primary responsibility for upholding that tradition [...]

Diggin’ For Trouble

Last summer, David Frasier and his family were vacationing at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore when Frasier decided to partake in a common beach activity: digging in the sand. He was [...]


Arguably the worst place to be on a Saturday or Sunday in the summer is the US 158/NC 12 intersection in Kitty Hawk where drivers turn toward Duck and Corolla. Not only is the traffic verging on [...]

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