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kid-friendly ideasFirst comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage.” And that baby is going to come with a lot of “stuff.” Before you know it your home can feel like a baby supply store. As they grow, they will have hundreds of memories of their home life but very few memories of the hundreds of toys. They will hold onto the way that they felt at home forever so why not make their childhood space a place that is worth remembering?

There are so many unique ways to create a kid-friendly space in your home without sacrificing good design and style. From storage solutions, easy cleanup, and seamless style, the possibilities are endless!

kid-friendly room design

Color Me Happy

You don’t have to paint your entire house in primary colors to make it kid-friendly but a little bit of paint in dedicated kid spaces can go a long way. Tiny hands can make for some big messes on walls. It is a great idea to use an eggshell finish on the walls so that you can wipe them down with a damp cloth to keep them clean and looking freshly painted.

Adding your little one’s favorite color is a great way to honor their personality but that doesn’t mean you have to have the most vibrant shade of hot pink or lime green. Using a shade that compliments the decor through your home is a great way to keep your decor flowing from room to room. Children’s moods can be affected by their environments, and that includes the colors in their rooms so choosing the paint color can be an important decision.  Using chalkboard paint, available at most major hardware stores, is an easy way to add a little bit of fun to your family space. By painting a small wall section or even an interior door you can give the kids a great place to redesign every day! This paint is easily wiped down like a traditional chalkboard to create a new place for them to create each day. A chalkboard is a great place to keep track of playdates, appointments, and shopping lists too!

kid-friendly design ideas

Fun Sized

Using small, child-sized furniture in a space allows a child to feel like they are in charge of the space. Not only does this provide them with a place that they want to be in, but it also gives them an easy understanding of the space that they are responsible for keeping tidy. Kids will flock to a small table and chair set to do their art projects, enjoy a snack or build a puzzle. Be sure to provide them with easy access to put their supplies or toys away, too. If they have more than enough storage then clean up is easy!

Double Duty

When you’re creating a kid-friendly space, one of the biggest concerns is storage so that toys can be placed out of sight. Without having bin after bin of toys and books, look to create a storage solution that has a double function to keep some of the toys organized. Use bench seating as storage for a cozy blanket or floor pillows so that your child can curl up with a good book. Add low bookshelves so that kids can access their favorite titles and toys without having to climb or reach over their heads.

kid-friendly ideas

Self Sufficient

Keep things within reach so their space can function without an adult’s help. By keeping bookshelves and toy storage at their height, you are creating a space that they can play, explore and learn without having to ask an adult for help.

Educational Meets Fun

Don’t underestimate simple decor like a map, play kitchen or a number line. While all kids have different interests, one thing is for sure; the brain of a child is a sponge for information. Adding educational toys and decor is such an easy way to stimulate a child’s brain. You can also use the room decor to showcase their talents and abilities. If you have a music lover, use music note decals to keep them excited while they play their favorite tune or sing their favorite song. If you have a tiny dance lover, add a ballerina bar and mirror to encourage their love of dance. If you have a little artist, have easy access to art supplies so they can create a masterpiece. Using children’s art as decor with simple frames is a great way to boost their confidence, too!


Little ones are so curious. They are often interested in what is on top of a dresser or shelf. To keep them safe, furniture should be secured to the walls so that it cannot tip over. You can purchase a wall strap kit at most major hardware stores to keep a child’s dresser or bookshelf from falling over and causing an injury. Also, be sure to cover electrical plugs in all spaces that kids frequent. Finally, use overhead lighting instead of a lamp so that children can’t reach a hot lightbulb.  Soften the Space So much of childhood playtime happens on the floor so why not make it as clean and comfortable as possible? Adding a soft area rug can create a space that is inviting for children (and adults) to sit and play. Using soft furniture like beanbags and floor pillows might just encourage your little one to play until… nap time!  It doesn’t need to take a lot of space or a large budget to make a kid friendly space in your house. All that is required is a bit of creativity. Hopefully we have provided some great ideas to get you started!

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