Outer Banks Horse Statues

outer banks horse statues

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Horse Statue Contest

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Listed below are some of the many horse statues around the Outer Banks. Most are still standing in the original location, some have been moved, and others had their heyday and are no longer with us. See how many locations you can name for a chance to win a $50 gift card to JK’s Steak & Seafood Restaurant in Kill Devil Hill, NC. Winner will be chosen randomly from entries with most correct answers. Contest ends September 30, 2016.

  • Name the location of as many statues as you can 
  • Some statues have moved – you can name either current or former location
  • Some statues aren’t located at a specific location (general shopping area, home or residence, etc). Just give best description of location and town.
  • Type your answers in the form below the gallery.
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About the Horses

More than 15 years after they originally flew onto these islands courtesy of Outer Banks Press, the majestic remnants of the iconic winged horses can still be found scattered along the Outer Banks today. And the group that made it all happen is preparing to launch a similar project sometime this year with similar horses – just without the wings. 

Read More About The Outer Banks Winged Horses

Linda Lauby, president of Outer Banks Press, says she initiated the public art installation called The Winged Horse Extravaganza back in 2002 to celebrate the 2003 Centennial of Flight. Soon after the project was announced, sponsors jumped on board, commissioning artists to decorate the horses. It wasn’t long before winged horses began popping up all along the Outer Banks, each one bringing its own character and charm.

Between May 2002 and October 2004, 99 life-sized fiberglass horses with aluminum aircraft wings were artistically decorated; some were auctioned off and many were displayed around the Outer Banks. These winged creations were the talk of the town, written about and loved by both residents and visitors. 

Even though the project officially ended in 2004, Outer Banks Press regularly receives a surprising number of inquiries about the winged horses. Still spotted here and there around town, there’s no documented list of exactly where they all ended up. 

“I don’t have any idea where all the winged horses are right now, other than the ones I see when I’m driving around the island,” says Lauby. “Maybe we should ask the public to provide us with horse sightings. It might be a fun treasure hunt for them.”

Whatever happened to them, the much-loved horses – with names such as Chillin’ Out, Lacey, Hurricane, Sweet Inspiration, and Beach Bum – quickly became a part of the Outer Banks’ unique identity and culture.

Lauby’s hoping the second chapter of the project, called Pony OBXpress, will be as much of a hit. “The most important element of Pony OBXpress is that we plan to showcase the work done by the Corolla Wild Horse Fund in protecting and managing our wild horses,” Lauby says. 

Lauby also hopes that outdoor installations such as these will encourage people to rethink museum spaces. “A surprising number of people think of museums as boring places that are best suited for grade school field trips or old folks,” Lauby says. “We want to present museums – especially our Outer Banks outdoor museum – as places that are vibrant and fun.” ♦

Brindley Beach, Corolla

outer banks horse statues


FF Middle School

outer banks horses


Nags Head Shops

outer banks winged horses


Kitty Dunes Realty- VanBelois

outer banks art installation


Windmill Point, NH

obx winged horse art


Awful Arthurs

outer banks horse statues


Chili Peppers

wild horse statues


Forbes South NH

outer banks winged horses


FF Elementary

outer banks winged horses


Prospect Generation Systems

outer banks horse statues


KDH Co-op

outer banks horse statues


Jolly Rogers

outer banks horse statues


NH Raceway

obx winged horses


Days Inn Wright Bros, KDH

outer banks horse statues


East Coast Game Rooms, KH

Horse 28


Town of Duck

obx horse statues


Kitty Hawk Kites NH

obx wild horse statues


KDH Town Hall

outer banks winged horse extravaganza


Wild Horse Tours, Corolla

obx horse statues


Stack 'em High Pancakes

Horse 28


Pamlico Jacks

obx horse statues


Ramada Inn

obx horse statues


Farmers Daughter, Corolla

obx horse art installation


OB Visitor Center, Roanoke Is

obx winged horses


Black Pelican Restaurant

Horse 29


Inn at Corolla Light

obx horses


Birthday Suits

outer banks horse art


Heron Pond Montessori, KH

obx horse art installation


OB Press, KH

obx winged horse extravaganza


KDH Residence (near Avalon Pier)

Horse 30


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