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Jason James is a multiple award-winning Outer Banks custom home builder & remodeler with over 25 years of experience in the eastern North Carolina construction industry.

Jason was raised in northeastern North Carolina, so has always been aware of the importance of a well-built home that will withstand the demands of the harsh coastal environment. Jason is on-site daily to ensure that each project Albemarle Contracting Services undertakes is built to the highest standard. He has built his business on good owner/builder relationships and believes that quality is priority. Specializing in custom work, he does every thing from new home construction to remodels, and every project he takes on is unique.

Jason has been steadily garnering recognition for his work, but his entry in last year’s Parade of Homes was truly spectacular. A remodel of a home on the Causeway in Nags Head, the exterior before-and- after images reveal a whole new look for the structure.

If there is a style that marks a Jason James home, it’s the classic beach look. “I like the Nags Head style. Growing up here in eastern North Carolina, it’s just a style that has grown on me,” he says. “The open porches have that beachy feel. When you come on vacation, you want that. I like tall and open and a lot of light – definitely a lot of light.”

One of the hallmarks of the work James does is being able to take his clients’ ideas and make them real. The key, according to him, is knowing where to develop the ideas. “I don’t do it all (design work). Florez does some of the work and a couple of other ladies, who live here on the beach,” he says. “Some are better at remodel and design plans. It depends on what we’re doing. You try to match the homeowner’s vision to the designer.”

It’s a team that creates that, and creating that team is what motivates him. “I try to make people as comfortable as I can.” he says. “I enjoy that interaction, being open-minded to their ideas.” Jason’s hard-work and attentiveness has truly shined in the last few years. In the 2015 Parades of Homes, Albemarle Contracting Services took home two awards: the Builder’s Choice Award and the People’s Choice Award within their category.

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