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Dune Hang Gliding

The dunes of Jockey’s Ridge provide the perfect platform for learning to hang glide. They have plenty of height for beginners, and are soft for landing. After the preliminary ground school, your class proceeds to the dunes via a scenic walkway. Once you have climbed to the the top of the dunes (the instructor carries the glider) you begin your solo hang gliding flights with the help of the instructor. He will help you get into the harness, provide any last minute instructions, and help you launch. You will run into the wind, and depending on the wind conditions, you can travel anywhere from 30 to 100+ yards at 5 to 15 feet above the sand.

Tandem Hang Gliding

Fly to altitudes of 2000 ft. or higher with a certified instructor. The views of Currituck Sound, the ocean, and the surrounding countryside are breathtaking from these altitudes. Once released from the tow plane, the only sounds are from you, the instructor, and the wind flowing around you. These elements, combined with stalls, dives, and turns, are sure to make tandem hang gliding the most exciting and memorable experience of your stay in the Outer Banks.


Come experience the fastest growing free-flight aviation sport in the world! Take flight on the scenic sand dunes of Jockey’s Ridge where you will receive training on one of the simplest foot-launched aircraft in existence. The same soft sands and smooth winds that brought the Wright Brothers here makes this the ideal location for learning how to paraglide. Paraglidng is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying paragliders; a lightweight, free-flying, foot-launched glider “wing” with no rigid airframe.

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