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The Outer Banks of North Carolina is home to many, even including some famous celebrities. But did you know that one of our most notorious is actually a cat? Well believe it!

outer banks wet bridgerJust for a second, take your mind back to a sunny day in the month of May. The year was 2017. Reece Newman, who was a North Carolina Department of Transportation Diver, just so happened to thankfully be in the exact right place at the exact right time. Reece was on duty, along with two other NCDOT divers, as they were inspecting some pilings of the Manns Harbor Bridge. As the divers were in full working mode, Reece aimlessly looked around to see something abruptly land in the water. Much to his surprise, it was a defenseless kitten. Yes, you read that right. A kitten, who was thrown 30 feet down off of Manns Harbor Bridge and into the Croatan Sound, from a vehicle that was speeding well over 60 miles per hour. The kitten, and the divers were about a mile out from shore. The divers managed to swim over and rescue the little guy. But that isn’t where the story, nor the rescuing ended. Reece undoubtedly adopted the kitten, only to then name him – Bridger!

obx bridger loungingA short time after rescuing and adopting Bridger, Reece teamed up with his friend and Outer Banks local Author- Jeremy Bliven, to retell the whole story in their very popular book, “Bridger.” The book has been out for a while now, and in just two short weeks after its debut, it became a bestseller! In fact, it became the number one book in 2019 for Downtown Books in Manteo, North Carolina.

obx bridger and reeceReece updated us on just how Bridger has been doing over the past few years. “Bridger is just a really happy cat. He loves his two cat sisters Grouper and Florence. They all have quite a good time together.” Reece says, “My wife Marie and I love them all so much!”

This furry little creature has a story that begins with sadness, and ends only to warm your heart. Bridger is famous all across the Outer Banks. So famous in fact that he has his own Facebook page with around three thousand followers! Be sure to follow ‘Bridger Catfish Newman’ and stay up to date with how this little miraculous feline friend spends his days. You know, if you look up the word ‘Fate’ in a dictionary, you may just see Bridger’s picture!

Tara Turner is a freelance writer, a stay at home mom, and an OBX enthusiast.

Tara Turner
Author: Tara Turner

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