Outer Banks Relief Foundation

The Outer Banks Relief Foundation assists people who live or work on the Outer Banks and are facing financial difficulties due to illness or other tragedy.


Who do you primarily serve?:

Today we assist about 100 people each year with average relief funding of $1,700 per person. Please call our office to fill out an application for relief.

Impact on the Outer Banks community

Since we began in 2006, we’ve assisted over 900 local families with referral services and $1.8 million dollars of assistance – paying rent, mortgage, household bills or purchasing medical equipment, whatever brings relief to families struggling due to cancer, stroke, mental illness, injury and many other medical crises.

Ways people can give, donate, and volunteer

Give at https://www.outerbanksrelieffoundation.com/donate/

Volunteer at https://www.obxse.com/volunteer since all net proceeds from Outer Banks Sporting Events are given to the Relief Foundation and the Dare Education Foundation




Upcoming events for the organization

Outer Banks Sporting Events has 5 fundraising sporting events each year. Visit https://www.obxse.com for details.

Every Mother’s Day weekend, we hold our signature fundraising event, Couture By The Shore. https://www.outerbanksrelieffoundation.com/couture-by-the-shore/

Outer Banks Relief Foundation
103 E 8th Street
Nags Head, NC 27959

Contact Us

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