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Body Coasters Needed!

It’s been a loooong couple of years this millennium. It seems I’ve been down so long. It looks like up to me. Need a change, so…

I feel the need to heed a little voice in my head. Strange, but he looks like Jay Leno and says, “Hey! Lady, you need to get back to some laughs, some real, in the flesh, rolling on the floor, gut-busting laughs. You know, the ones where you need a body-coaster! (Right, gals, those!) So, as I made a mental note to make sure my dark pants were clean, I checked the local publications for something interesting. 

Comedy Club Opening in the Outer Banks… A nun, a tourist, and a waterman walk into a theatre and find a stage with a microphone and a spotlight, looking for comedians. Objective: fill the room with clever words that force your audience to pee their pants. (or their habit, Sister Mary Sarah.) Contact Greg and/or Ami at the It’s just what “In-My-Head” Jay Leno wanted me to find! But who are Greg and Ami, and what do they know about comedy?

Outer Banks author, owner/personality of local station Radio Free Outer Banks, trivia specialist, editor of Coastal Life, and stand-up comedian, Greg Smrdel, has combined forces with well-known local businesswoman, entrepreneur, and art/gift gallery owner of Muse Originals and Bus 252, Ami Hill. After the last two years we’ve endured, bringing comedy back to the Outer Banks is now their avowed mission.

“It’s been a tough couple of years for everybody,” Hill said in a recent interview. “COVID has created a lot of division. Greg and I thought that it was time that we all laughed again, together. Comedy is the last bastion of hope for those who wish to continue to live in a pragmatic world. After many conversations, we knew it was time to breathe life into an idea we’d let lay dormant for too long.

outer banks laughing gull audience

And that’s just how the Laughing Gull Comedy Club…was born.”

If you don’t know, Ami Hill is a creative marketeer who re-imagined her brick and mortar Outer Banks art gallery, Muse Originals in Kitty Hawk, into a mobile evolution called Bus 252 (local area code). The colorful, repurposed school bus is an imaginative trove of gifts and art created and crafted by local and regional artists of the Outer Banks. The “Skoolie,” as it lovingly has been dubbed, makes the rounds in various locations to bring the art to the people in Kitty Hawk and other locales. Subsequently, Hill also curates OBXOXO Gift Boxes filled with locally made products from artworks to food to beauty concoctions, provided seasonally via a subscription service. The option is also available for individuals to order them without a subscription and even choose what goodies available to advise for your selections. This taste of the Outer Banks has gone off like SpaceX rockets.


Greg Smrdel is the author of 12 books, all available at our local booksellers and Amazon. They contain compelling beach reads of tales on the Outer Banks, trivia books, several books on Andy Griffith and Mayberry, and even an instructional book on becoming a writer. In another incarnation, Smrdel is the owner of Radio Free Outer Banks. Perhaps you’ve heard him spinning the “Coastal Americana” tunes to his “Sandbar Pirate” fans. And finally, the winning score, our man of many talents, has 12 years of stand-up comedy up and down our eastern seaboard. Smrdel owned and operated The Warren Comedy Clubs in Warren and Boardman, Ohio, with another business partner. 

Greg elaborates, “I love doing stand-up. I love crafting jokes. Working on the joke and

re-working it till it’s just perfect. There is nothing like being on stage, alone, and entertaining people. It’s an absolute rush!” Chuckling to himself, Smrdel continues, “I’ve also loved being a club owner. I already have my comedian friends blowing up my phone and email wanting to get booked at The Laughing Gull!”

Scoop-time, readers! The Laughing Gull Comedy Club has just announced their summer season will be located at the new home of the Theatre of Dare at 3848 N. Croatan Way in the Kitty Hawk Plaza. Thirty years after opening its first show in the dining room of a local restaurant, Theatre of Dare finally has a permanent place to call home at the former home of the Paparazzi Night Club and the Outer Banks Jubilee. So make a note, laugh junkies. 

These are the dates:

June 13, 2022
June 20, 2022
June 27, 2022
July 11, 2022

July 18, 2022
July 25, 2022
August 1, 2022

August 8, 2022
August 15, 2022
August 22, 2022

Please give them a follow on Facebook @laughinggullobx for upcoming shows.

Details: Show times will be at 8:00 p.m. Tickets will be available at Search for Laughing Gull Comedy Club. Before the show, discounts on food will be available at the Anchor Grill at MP 4 in Kitty Hawk. The Theatre will have a cash bar. There is no drink minimum—masks by choice.

Alas, my quest to find comedy is complete, and “in-the-house,” “body-coaster,” funny looms like a lighthouse of hope on the horizon in Kitty Hawk starting in June. So I’ll leave you with a Laughing Gull and hope to see you there soon.

Somebody once said, “No matter where you go, there you are.” I am here in the ever-wondrous Outer Banks and happy as a pearl in an oyster to share it with all of you.

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Rebecca Orr
Author: Rebecca Orr

Rebecca is a recent Iowa transplant to the Outer Banks and spends her days enjoying the beach and seafood, and her nights contemplating the sea and the stars. It has been her long-held dream to be a writer.

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